Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Classic Deadpool Costume

Deadpool costume is a red and black bodysuit with large oval shapes around the eyes and a similar logo badge on his belt buckle. This tight bodysuit often makes people confuse Deadpool for “the other variant of Spider-Man”, much to the chagrin of his fan base (as well as Deadpool himself). The utility belt around Deadpool’s waist holds assorted weapons like handguns, knives and grenades, and many useless trinkets as well, like a toy monkey. His teleporter is incorporated into his utility belt, represented as a small, solid metal gadget that takes the shape of his trademark logo. The harness around his upper body that keeps his two katana fastened to his back in an X-shape.
deadpool unmasked

Underneath Deadpool’s costume, Deadpool is scarred and deformed. His appearance varies from being rigid, lumpy, scarred, or exposed muscle and bone due to the fact his healing factor has his body in a constant state of flux.

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